The Proclamation Quiet Book

           Most of you probably don't know, but I started going to school full-time online in September. While it has been crazy stressful with two little girls, and taking six classes, I am genuinely sad the semester is coming to an end (after next semester I'll only have two more semesters until I graduate haha). I have really enjoyed all of my classes and what I've learned. I have also enjoyed all the projects I got to do like this quiet book.
          For my Family100 class we were told to work on a semester long project that taught the principles of The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Having a one and three year old I immediately decided to create a quiet book. After spending some time on Pinterest I realized what I was looking to create didn't really exist. So I set about creating a quiet book that was fun so my girls would use it, educational so they would learn different fine motor skills, and most importantly taught the principles found in The Proclamation.
           (Some things found in my quiet book are loosely based on other pages I saw, or pieces from various pages. I won't share links to them because I looked at so many pages I honestly can't remember them all, and none of my pages are copied 100% from anywhere)

The Cover

The first page is The Proclamation printed on fabric. There is velcro on the right side so the family of finger puppets live inside there. The second page is a personal favorite of mine. It's the Mesa Arizona temple with cacti the children can button on and off to practice buttoning skills. 

 I spend forever figuring out this page. I wanted the children to be able to match the Apostle or Prophet to their number and also be able to match numbers to numbers. What I ended up doing was printing the brethren on fabric, cutting a square of fabric that matched, sewing the felt number to that square, and then surging them together with a rolled hem with a magnet inside (To clarify when I say "I" I mean my mom/me, she was my sewing logistics expert/sweat shop labor helping me get all the sewing done). I think attached the felt numbers to the page with paper clips underneath them. 

 The next two pages are the plan of salvation shape match. I made double thick felt shapes, added velcro to the back and to the page, hand stitched them together, and then traced the shape with a fabric marker onto the page. The cloud is pre mortal life, the earth is earth life, the half circles are spirit prison/spirit paradise, the heart is the Atonement and the sun, moon, star, black rectangle are the three degrees of glory and outer darkness. 

 Up next is the house page (to represent family work/shared gender roles). The apples on the tree can be snapped on and off and the carrots in the garden can be harvested. The back of this page was suppose to be the kitchen that is later in the book but there was a late night error.

 The I created double thick felt links with a snap on them so the kids could make a chain. I stitched words on them that "link" families together.

 I then created a bride and groom. For the bride they can practice tying, and the groom has different color bow ties he can wear.

 Next is the kitchen. The fridge and stove doors open, the little people can play there setting the table and eating the little food, or washing dishes. The table is actually a pocket for all the food to go into Next to it is the Gilbert temple in Arizona. The Bee goes from his hive through the D rings by the flowers. 

 And finally is the Adam and Eve matching game. All the squares go into a zipper pocket sewn into the page seam when not in use. 

 I sewed all the pages together and added a ribbon to tie it closed and a piece of fabric to cover the messy binding. 
My daughter loves it and already begs to play with it all day. I think it is going to be a special church quiet book to help her stay reverent during sacrament meeting.

 If you have any questions on how anything was created, or the purpose of the content please let me know!